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Soft Claws for Dogs
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Soft Claws for Dogs

Easy, Effective Way to Stop Problem Scratching

Dogs and their owners LOVE them!

A Solution for Problem Dog Scratching.


What are Soft Claws®?

Developed by a veterinarian, Soft Claws® are vinyl nail caps that glue on to your dog's nails.
This amazing product effectively blunts your dog's nails to protect against problem scratching.

Soft Claws® help protect against the following situations:

  • Damage to household surfaces such as floors, doors, screens, walls and furniture
  • Canine skin conditions that are aggravated by scratching
  • Protects you & your loved ones from scratches from your dog

Find out more about the nail caps and see what people are saying about Soft Claws®.

Find out more about these Vet approved nail caps Check out our colors Order Securely Online Check Out Soft Claws for Dogs Check Out Soft Claws for Dogs

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