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Soft Claws Vets and Groomers

Soft Claws® courtesy pricing

We offer a courtesy pricing structure when you purchase Soft Claws® for resale or professional use in your pet health or pet grooming business. Submit a request for pricing here.

An exciting new product by the inventor of Soft Claws®

It's the Air Muzzle Restraint® : Helps Eliminate Cat & Small Dog Bites!

The Air Muzzle facilitates superior neck extension while the purple vision shield removes ventral vision, providing both excellent jugular venipuncture and utmost safety for the veterinarian and technician. This ingenious restraint permits the veterinarian and staff to perform exams in greater safety than with conventional devices. The new patented sliding collar design slips easily on and off the animal's head without blocking its sight, thereby causing less fright and stress.

The Air Muzzle is quick to apply and remove saving valuable time before and after treatment.

Application is as easy as 1-2-3...

vets groomers air muzzle
  • Superior restraint helps eliminate potential cat & small dog bites
  • Potentially lowers insurance costs by reducing bite injury claims
  • 360 degree face mask ideal for ophthalmic, oral & nasal exams
  • Allows safer administration of oral medicines & vaccines
  • Reduces stress by preserving pet's vision
  • Superior tool for jugular venipunctures
  • Saves exam room time
  • Helps reduce bite risk during grooming & bathing
  • Durable, translucent ABS plastic withstands office abuse
  • Invented by a veterinarian for veterinarians

Air Muzzle w/out oxygen attachment: $89.99

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